Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Visit Anna Othitis on Goodreads

There are things you can do on Anna's Goodreads Page! You can follow her(I did), Look  at her books and read her bio.
I lived and was raised in the beautiful land and country of Zimbabwe, Africa (home will always be home), we relocated to Wanaque, New Jersey, USA, our new home where our younger son Frankie took up his “American Dream”. My favorite saying “Be Bold Be Brave”. My dream is to be given the opportunity for my book to reach each and every less fortunate child who will have the opportunity to fantasy travels through our book to see our lovely world destinations and to one day to give back and assist the needy in Africa and beyond, to keep giving care and love to the less fortunate. Whilst in Zimbabwe I was involved with many charitable organizations and groups where my greatest passion and love was with the primitive, simple people of Zimbabwe, Africa and will still continue to reach out to the many beautiful children of the world.


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