Friday, February 24, 2017

Excerpt from Stark Shadows  CD Bradley

Kira couldn’t believe her eyes. She said there staring at the screen. Her stomach lurched. She’d always heard follow the money. But she never dreamed. The parent company that owned both the chemical company that made the larva side and Genentech that engineered the mosquitoes with none other than Anderson stark technologies acting CEO Simon Preston. Here a quick trembling fingers up to her face. The danger in the shadows was with her all along.
"Viper Two. All targets confirmed. On your account.” Stark ordered into the headset.
“One” Sgt. Colin called out. Stark put his target square in his sights. He breathed in and out evenly to time the shot exactly on a sale. Something about the way her hands trembled moved him.
“Two” came the call. Reality will I displayed the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the ranger objective and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor. Something innately familiar about her couldn’t place. She reminded him of…
“Three.” All rangers fired. Stark was lost in his thought and hesitated for a brief second. The other targets dropped and he snapped back his target moved but was still within his sights. He pulled the trigger and realized just a moment too late the mist filled the air as the bullet made contact. She dropped to the floor. Her head bounced off the ground and she lay motionless in the growing Crimson pool Stark closed his eyes. The brown leather and metal band on her left wrist painfully evident as she went down. He couldn’t read the inscription from here but he didn’t have to he knew what it said.

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