Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Power to Heal, a Gift or a Curse?, a review for Transpirations

Try and imagine that your child was born with amazing natural powers. Even as a baby these natural powers were demonstrated by pointing at desired toys and having them fly through the air to him. As the child grows older he experiments to see what other powers he has. His mother fearfully coaches him from a young age to only use his powers around close, trusted friends. It had to be hard to refrain from showing off his miraculous talents. One day at school while waiting for the school bus with a friend he cannot resist healing her from her injuries suffered in a car accident. Instant National coverage occurs, but a little finagling results in a convincing story that she actually had a natural recovery and not a healing. The locals benefit from his healing powers over the years but are careful to keep the news in their small town until one day twenty-five years later an outsider is miraculously healed of his cancer and another National frenzy occurs bringing not only recognition but religious fanatics to town who claim it is the work of the Devil. Once you start reading this compelling story it is difficult to put it down.

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