Thursday, February 23, 2017


““My name is Jaysen Stripe,” the man replied. Now that he was in a brighter atmosphere, Sebastian could see his features clearly . He looked handsome, shorter than what Sebastian stood in height, yet in good health. Paul Nosach “What is all of this?” Sebastian gestured to the trolley. Jaysen started to explain that it was his belongings, went into sad story of how his property owner had kicked him out and that he was a jerk. “Fucking asshole – I paid him too,” Jaysen went on to say. Paying no attention to the foul language Jaysen used, Sebastian offered to buy a coffee. “Oh, I drink tea. Never touch coffee,” Jaysen’s smile looked genuine. Another weird feeling rushed into Sebastian and asked, “Do you have a place to stay?” then ordered a tea for Jaysen. The man sitting across from Sebastian shook his head despairingly, pointing out that he had no relatives to turn to. There was a long silence from Sebastian, as he thought of taking in Jaysen then noticed a silver bracelet slide down Jaysen’s arm and asked what it was. “I have epilepsy,” Jaysen paused. “And yes, I do take my medication on time when I need them.” When Jaysen’s tea arrived to the table, Sebastian asked if his new companion was up for a walk. “What is your name?”“Sebastian Masters.”“Well, Sebastian,” Jaysen seemed a little out of place, appearing to be sarcastic. “I have been walking for hours. Where do you suggest we go?”“My place!” Jaysen Stripe was astonished at the two words falling from Sebastian’s mouth. “You’re place,” he almost echoed. “And how far is your place?””

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