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"The Night That Ended It All “So who wants to go in and check it out?”  I asked looking around at Lexi, Janelle and Ryder.  “I don’t know Chase, it doesn’t look too safe.”  Janelle said holding the hand of her boyfriend of over three years Ryder.  Ryder squeezed her hand, “Looks fun to me.  Shit I haven’t seen anyone come or go from this abandoned piece of shit in years.” “Wasn’t the city supposed to knock it down by now?” I smiled, “You’re telling me none of you know where we are standing right now?”  I looked around the group.  “Come on guys!  We’ve only grown up with this story.” Lexi’s eyes squinted as she concentrated hard on the outside of the old house.  It was a two-story house set off the main road with an overgrown lawn, three wooden steps that looked like they would give way at any moment and a door that hadn’t been opened in over a decade due to the history.  I nodded as my smiled widened. “Is it clicking yet?” They all looked at me, Ryder grinned, “This is it?” I opened the chain gate and moved my arm to the side, “Ladies and gentlemen I give you Hell House, where bodies lined the walls in the basement, where the cops were beaten and refused to set foot on the grounds afterwards.  Where the only one victim to get away later wake back up in the hell they had thought they escaped from.”  I turned with my back to the gate and spread my arms wide for effect, a smile spread across my lips as I watched the others faces. “I’m not going in there.” Janelle said shaking her head. “Come on,” I groaned, “no one has been in it in years.  Plus it was all an urban legend anyway.  There was never any proof that anything actually happened in this house…besides bum orgies maybe.”  I laughed. Ryder joined my laughter, “That’s messed up dude.” I looked around the group taking a step into the gate, my back to the house, “So…who is with me?”  At first no one moved, Ryder finally said, “Fuck it, let’s do it.  I mean we are already here.  It would be a crime to not go inside now.” Janelle dropped his hand, “No, I’m not going in there.  I mean what if the cops come by and catch us.  I’m not going to jail or getting this on my record I have college to think about.”  Her eyes narrowed.  I rolled my eyes, typical Janelle she was too smart for her own good.  She was sixteen and already getting a fully scholarship to basically any college she decided to go to.  It was rare that we were friends because I was actually on the opposite level of that spectrum.  I’d be lucky to get into any college with my grades.  If it wasn’t for Lexi pushing me I probably wouldn’t have even cared to graduate.  “You’re not going to go to jail Janelle.  Damn live a little for once.  Ryder talk to your girl.” “Sorry not all of us want a record Chase.  I wasn’t named after my fathers favorite past time.”  Low blow but completely true.  I smiled, “You have me there, Janelle.”  Dear old dad named me Chase because he was always running from the police.  I didn’t care all that much because he wasn’t ever around.  I had been raising myself for years, Lexi’s mom actually let me crash there more times then I could count.  I had a place to stay, and her family loved me for whatever reason.  I was a problem child but never in trouble with the law.  “Stop guy’s.”  Ryder said, “Look let’s just go inside for a minute and look around.  What could it hurt?”  “I’ll go.” Lexi finally said surprising everyone. “You can’t be serious.” Janelle said. She shrugged, “I think it sounds fun.” She smiled and took my hand. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed her fingertips.  A relationship that was still crazy for me.  Lexi was better than me in every way possible.  She was beautiful with her long brownish black hair, hazel eyes and a smile that took everyone’s breath away.  And might I add she had a body to kill for with curves in all of the right places.  I knew I was lucky to have her.  She was my best friend besides Ryder but she still knew more about me than him.  She knew my whole world and still wanted me.  I was her bad boy and she was my good girl to corrupt.  “Fine.” Janelle said finally breaking. Ryder placed his arm around her shoulders, “It’ll be fun and we’ll all stick together.” She let out a deep breath, “Okay, let’s get this over with, I’m starving.” I smiled, “Let’s go.”  I started walking backwards towards the house Lexi’s hand still in mine, I kept my eyes on hers and she smiled that smile that made everything vanish.  “Here we go.”  I said as my hand touched the doorknob.  I turned it slowly, half expecting it to be locked, but it wasn’t.  The door creaked open with a little muscle behind the push.  A cloud of dust seemed to greet us; we all coughed a little and fanned the front of our faces. I turned to the group, “phones ready?”  I clicked on my flashlight on my phone and lit the walkway.  Everyone else followed suit.  I was the first to go into the house.  I was careful with my steps.  The floor creaked with every movement.  Wood floors, which were drooping in places, a staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms where supposedly a young girl was burned to death.  A hint of smoke filled my nostrils, I played it off as my imagination.  My heart was beating slightly faster than I cared to admit. Lexi stopped pulling my hand towards her, “Did you hear that?” We all stopped and listened our ears waiting to hear any bit of movement from the house. “It’s probably just the house settling, we’ve disturbed it and these floors haven’t been walk on in years.”  I moved my foot along the dust covered ground, it groaned under my weight. Ryder’s flashlight kept searching the areas in the front room.  “Dude, let’s go downstairs.”  I nodded, “Lead the way.” We all headed towards the staircase, which lead to the basement; the place where everything evil imaginable could have happened did happen, or so the story went.  Our shoes making the floor creak the whole way, the door was slightly ajar so it didn’t take anything to get it open.  We stood at the top of the steps looking down into the eerie looking basement.  It was pitch black, dust circles sliding past our light.  Ryder took a deep breath before placing his foot on the first step.  He began to move down the staircase.  “Be careful guys, the railing isn’t very sturdy.” The girls moved down after him and I took up the end.  They felt safer being surrounded by us guys.  Lexi reached back and took hold of my hand and squeezed.  I squeezed her fingers back letting her know that I was there and wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. At the bottom of the stairs we all began looking in different directions, our lights dancing off the walls and floor.  Janelle clung to Ryder as Lexi and I began to look around the room.  What could have been blood was scattered on the walls.  “Guys!” Janelle’s voice cried out. “What is it?” I asked as me and Lexi came over to her. She pointed to the wall, written in a dull red color, which for all we knew was blood, human blood.  An upside down cross, the words “I’ll Be Back”."

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