Thursday, February 23, 2017


"What the hell is going on here? Why does it feel like I’m moving? I am trying like hell to figure out what’s going on but my brain doesn’t seem to want to process anything right now. I’m drawing up a blank on what happened in the last few hours. I only know my right arm isn’t moving and my shoulder isn’t feeling all that great. Usually you’d feel the limb move or try to but this damned thing doesn’t want to listen.
“Cal.” I hear the female say in a firm voice.
“Yah.” Cal is the first voice I hear. I don’t know anyone by that name in my office.
“He’s coming around. Look.” I hear the distinct sound of fabric rubbing against nylon and a hushed grunt
. “Look, his eyes are fluttering and his head is moving now.” “Oh yeah. Look at that.”
I hear Cal say. “Hey! Mr. Marshall. Can you hear me?” He asks like I’m just going to open my eyes and smile at him. What a fucking idiot.
“Mr. Marshall. Hey, buddy.” This Cal person is already annoying me. My father was Mr. Marshall not me.
I’m a fucking doctor, asshole. “I swore he was trying to open his eyes a moment ago.” “No, that’s fine. He probably was.”"

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