Friday, March 3, 2017

Two excerpts from Anna Othitis'Children's travel books

Hi, it's me again, Capt. Frankie! Join me again for another fantastic plane ride to see more of the seven natural wonders of the world and seven man-made wonders of the world. Buckle up and were about to take off.
First of all were off to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world.natural
The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is the biggest natural harbour in the world.
Image result for the harbor of rio de janeiro
Like giant anthills, huge mountains surround the Bay.
Like hundreds of ants, ships come in and out every day.
The statue of Christ's the Redeemer stands with his arms reaching out,
reading people who visit and the ones who live about.
The Harbour is located around Rio de Janeiro Brazil. It is the largest natural bay in the world and is surrounded by granite stone mountains formed by the erosion of the Atlantic Ocean also called the Guanabara Bay.
The Portuguese people who found this Bay called it "the river of January". The famous Sugarloaf Mountain stands tall at 2296 feet high.
The Corcovado peak is 2299 feet high, with the hills of Tijuca at 3350 feet. The views are magnificent from these mountains with the famous monument overlooking the bay.

Well children, did you enjoy that trip?  That's great! Sadly for some snacks and beverages and were off to see our next adventure.
Now that you are fed and happy, look out your windows we are about to fly over the famous Taj Mahal in India.
Image result for taj mahal
It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in honour of his wife.
This beautiful dome was his home, made of white marble with lovely gardens open at all hours. The pillars remind us of tiny lighthouses standing tall and industry line like little soldiers on guard welcoming us. Let us march down the path to the amazing Taj Mahal in single file with great style.
Marble dome that surrounds the two is the most spectacular feature with this height and about 150 feet. The dome is often called and onion dome and is decorated with traditional Hindu symbols. The declaration and fine artwork is what a lot of tourists come to see inside walls are all finally decorated with such fine and detailed carved artwork like strips of beautiful lace.
Paradise Gardens hold the beautiful fruit trees roses and daffodils of all colours and scents or rivers flow from the Spring Mountain, which separates this floral garden into Northwest South and East. What a true peaceful experience of paradise in our world, so calm and quiet with sweet floral sense, A true sign of love that the Emperor had for his wife. The wonderful Taj Mahal standing so bright, tall and perfectly proud.

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